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California Granite

If you're considering granite countertops, California has plenty of options available to you. If you're still uncertain about which type of countertop is the best choice for your kitchen, perhaps the following information will help you to decide. is a cumulative resource for anyone who is thinking about purchasing granite or marble countertops. Research is an imperative part of the process, so it is our goal to inform consumers before any decisions are made. offers a list of local granite fabricators and stone dealers with their contact information. Finding granite countertops in California kitchens is nothing new. Beautiful kitchen countertops are a must, and finding a quality group of granite suppliers and fabricators is your first step in developing a trend setting design in the kitchen.

Whether you are searching for granite countertop fabricators in Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Jose, at, you will find local listings for granite suppliers and stone fabricators in over 28 cities accross California. Granite suppliers offer a variety of popular and affordable colors for granite countertops, including:

Los Angeles: California Granite Countertops, Kitchen Counters

If your updating kitchen countertops with granite, Las Angeles, CA has more than 50 natural stone fabricators to choose from.

San Diego: Granite and Marble Counters, Kitchen Countertops

San Diego, CA granite tops are supplied by more than 28 granite fabricators located in San Diago alone.

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The best places to buy granite countertops in:

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