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Care and Maintenance

Granite countertops are beautiful, and you want to keep them looking beautiful. Maintaining your countertops can be easy, especially after learning about a few important points about cleaning products.

Being pH neutral, or pH balanced could possibly be a cleaner's most important aspect. This simply means that it is neither acidic or abrasive, as these types of cleaners are harmful to granite countertops and will etch and dull the surface over time. There are several cleaners that fall into this category, like bleach, ammonia, and anything with lemon or orange ingredients. These types of cleaners are not only inherently too strong and unnecessary, they will seep into the porous surface of a granite countertop. This will cause the natural makeup of the stone to change. The harsh ingredients in these cleaning products will also eat away at grout over time. They should never be used to clean natural stone backsplashes or natural stone showers.

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While a neutral pH is an important quality for a good granite cleaner, that is only the beginning. Many brands of dish soaps are pH neutral or pH balanced, but they will surely leave build up and residue on the stone's surface, leaving behind a blurry finish. While they will not necessarily harm natural stone surfaces, dish soaps do nothing to enhance the appearance of the stone.

The unique quality that sets Supreme Surface Granite Cleaners
apart from any other natural stone cleaner currently offered on the market is that it actually conditions the porous surface of the stone by penetrating and protecting the stone. Since it is 100% organic, the cleaner's conditioning agents fill the surface of the stone, leaving an enhanced, noticeably smoother texture with a streak-free shine. Continual use of Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner, Polish and Protectant means that staining is less likely to occur. You are also promoting the longevity and beauty of your countertops. This is a cleaner like no other, and will make your countertops look new again. Clean and protect, in a simple no-rinse, non-toxic formula that is safe for every day use.
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